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Comprehensive Accessibility Report by AccessiBuddy

Developer Insights

Hear from the developers who have made AccessiBuddy an integral part of their accessibility compliance strategy.

"AccessiBuddy makes web accessibility both straightforward and insightful. It's an essential tool that simplifies compliance."

Sarah Johnson

"AccessiBuddy has revolutionized my workflow with its in-depth analysis and ease of use, enhancing web accessibility for everyone."

Alex Parker

"Using AccessiBuddy was key in our web development, balancing comprehensive accessibility with great design and functionality."

David Nguyen

Simplify Your Site-Wide Accessibility Validation

Experience effortless automated validations across your website. Just input your URL and our advanced web crawler handles the rest, ensuring comprehensive coverage and ease of use.

Ultra-Fast Accessibility Audits

Perform quick, comprehensive scans for up to 1,000 pages, offering fast insights into your site's accessibility.

Comprehensive Accessibility Analysis

In-depth analysis using axe-core engine to identify issues and solutions for a fully accessible website.

Automated Compliance Scheduling

Automate your compliance with scheduled audits, keeping up with evolving standards effortlessly.

Multi-Device Accessibility Testing

Test your site’s accessibility on various devices, ensuring an inclusive experience for all users.

Smart Alt Text Generation

Generate contextually appropriate alt texts for images, enhancing SEO and accessibility.

Collaborative Reporting & Sharing

Share detailed accessibility reports with your team and clients for improved collaboration.

How It Works

Effortless Accessibility in Three Simple Steps with AccessiBuddy

1Scan Your Site

Just input your URL and let our crawler do the heavy lifting. Quickly audit up to 1,000 pages for immediate insights into your site's accessibility.

2Remediate with Ease

Utilize in-depth analysis from the axe-core engine to identify and solve accessibility issues, ensuring a fully compliant and inclusive website.

3Maintain Compliance

Set up automated compliance reporting for regular updates. Keep your site consistently up to standard without the extra effort.
AccessiBuddy Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

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1How much does it cost?

Explore a variety of monthly plans suitable for different needs, including credits, image alt tag generation, and report sizes.

2Is there a free trial?

Enjoy a 7-day free trial on all plans, offering full access to our features. An excellent opportunity to test our accessibility service.

3Can I cancel or change plans?

Switch or cancel your monthly plan anytime with complete flexibility. Each plan is designed to adapt to your changing needs.

4Can I validate multiple sites?

Validate an unlimited number of sites with each plan providing a set number of monthly scans, perfect for handling multiple projects.

5Can I share reports?

Easily share validation reports with anyone. While viewing is unrestricted, report modifications are exclusive to your account.

6How long are reports stored?

Reports are stored for 30 to 120 days, depending on your plan, giving you sufficient time to review and act on your accessibility findings.

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